How To Stay Hydrated In The Summer Without Guzzling A Jug Of Water Every Day

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How To Stay Hydrated In The Summer Without Guzzling A Jug Of Water Every Day - The Health Dare

Tired of Drinking Water? 

Here are three secrets from our Health Dare Coaches of how to stay hydrated in the summer without guzzling a jug of water every day!

No one can argue that hydration is perhaps one of the most important principles of proper nutrition. Every diet program begins with “drink more water.” Water is important for every body system and function for your body, so every health professional recommends water on a daily basis. However, sometimes power drinking marathons can be a burnout! Here are three sources of hydration that can be used in addition to your daily water intake to enhance your hydration without making you feel like Sponge Bob!


Fruit is abundant in the summer, and most fruits are filled with water! Watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries contain over 90% water! And, these fruits are sugar free, low calorie, and just flat out delicious! So go ahead, curb that sweet craving and get hydrated at the same time with delicious, hydrating fruits. Some fruits are more hydrating than others, so for a list of the top most hydrating fruits, check out this list. CLICK HERE


Yes, in the health and wellness industry, and as with all healthy tips, all roads lead to vegetables! And, of course, the green ones have the most benefits. Spinach green peppers and celery contain over 90% water, but don’t get discouraged…you can always enhance your veggies with a little sugar free ranch dressing! A veggie plate makes a great snack on a hot summer day, and your body will thank you for it as it squeezes every last drop of hydration out of its delicious leafy greens!


The grocery beverage aisle is a screaming advertisement for aspartame, sugar, glucose, hidden preservatives, and dyes. How can consumers decide what diet drinks are best when the water burnout sets in? The only sure way to know what is in your beverages is to make your own! Infused water is a combination of fruits, so you’re getting double the bang for your buck when you infuse your water with fruits such as raspberries and strawberries. If you’re a beginner, and you need tips on how to infuse water, go to: CLICK HERE Smoothies are a great way to cool down in the summer, and have a delicious treat! Combine leafy greens and fruits, and when blended with ice, this can turn into your new favorite sweet treat, entirely guilt free! And, of course, our favorite for cellular health, green tea. There are countless recipes for green tea, or sun tea, where you can gain healthy hydration and cellular health benefits.

These three healthy options for water will help you through the hump, and increase your hydration while helping you enjoy sweet frozen treats all summer long!

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