What is a Health Coach?

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The Health Dare coaches at Whole Food Market in Greenville, SC doing a shopping class.
The Health Dare coaches at Whole Food Market in Greenville, SC doing a shopping class.
A Health Coach is not a trainer. He or she is not your boot camp instructor. They are not waiting to yell at you for failing to work out, or eating a cookie at work. Your Health Coach is not your boss or your parent, and they are not sitting on the sidelines waiting for you to make a mistake. A Health Coach is not a fad, and they don’t come in pills. They are not an herbal extract. A Health Coach is absolutely not a diet. So what is a Health Coach?

 A Health Coach is your inner voice. The voice that drives you to be your best possible self, fueling motivations that endure, propelling toward your long-term goals. A Health Coach is the best part of yourself, which emerges some days, and stays hidden on others. You are your own best health coach. You just don’t know it yet.

The Health Coaches at The Health Dare help you discover that person you want to be, but you haven’t yet fully realized. You see, a true Health Coach doesn’t send you packaged food in the mail every month. They don’t sell you protein bars and powders. A Health Coach from The Health Dare office educates. They are blunt, yet motivational all at once. A Health Dare Coach gives you your own pillars, so that you can construct your own life in all the ways you have been wanting to. They help you erect the structure of health that will support you for more than just a six-week plan. More than three months. Much longer than a decade. In fact, the goal of The Health Dare coaches is to help you leave our support system with all the tools you need to be your own Health Coach, because you know yourself better than anyone else does.

At The Health Dare, we want you to be your greatest coach. The only way this will happen is through education. Your health and wellness goals are going to be something that comes from within. Healing is not external. You are not going to purchase your goals in a book or in bottle form, no matter what the media tells you. You will only meet-and sustain-your goals through independence. And in our modern world of fads and gimmicks, this independence will be your saviour. That is why we created The Health Dare program. We want to help you become independent and empowered through all the knowledge and support we have to offer, so you can be who you were created to be…without The Health Dare coaches. As your Health Dare Coaching Team, we dare you to take life by the reigns. We dare you to pursue the best possible you. We dare you to be your own champion; to invest in yourself, your future and theirs. We dare you to become your own Health Coach.

We Dare you. 
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By Stephen Miller, Client Manager  at The Health Dare
By Stephen Miller, Client Manager
at The Health Dare

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