The Founder & Creator of The Health Dare Program Appears on Nite Line

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The Founder & Creator of The Health Dare Program Appears on Nite Line
Recently, The Founder and Creator of The Health Dare 90-day program, Bridgett Trammell, had the opportunity to speak about Healthy Living on Nite Line with Mary and Toni. In this raw interview, Bridget spoke about how The Health Dare began, how she believes God has blessed the business, and the struggles of being a single mom. She also talks about finding her husband, juggling the responsibilities of a Pastor's wife, and more! Bridget believes that The Health Dare is a ministry disguised as a business, as she coaches people from the inside out. She speaks of the change that must be made not only in health, but in the heart.

Together, Bridget and her husband Joshua Trammell, Pastor of Take Heart Church, have lost over 150lbs on The Health Dare. They are an incredible testimony of what The Health Dare do and how it can change your life! This was an interview that you definitely did not want miss! Coach Bridget is an author, motivational speaker, and a radio show in multiple cities, on The Health Dare hour called "Coaching Me!" Tune in to hear her talk with real clients from The Health Dare, and hear their stories of transformation. Listen to hear America's cheerleader encourage you in all areas of life.

Click the link below and head to 18:42 to hear watch the interview!

CLICK HERE: The Health Dare on Nite Line

The Health Dare on Nite Line
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